5 Games I’m REALLY Looking Forward to in the: Big 10

1)   Penn State at Alabama (September 11th) Truthfully I just don’t envision Penn State pulling off an upset on the road here. I’m intrigued by this matchup though because Penn State has a tremendous opportunity to rep for the Big Ten. Talk about a respect builder for the entire conference if Penn State is able to keep this close.
2)   Michigan at Notre Dame (September 11th) These teams are in similar spots right now. Both are undergoing a transformation and an early win against one of your biggest rivals sure would build momentum. The Wolverines won a close one in ’09 and I think this matchup will be tight again this year. The Big Blue over the Irish.
3)   Wisconsin vs. Ohio State (October 16th) This matchup quite possibly could have 1st place implications on the line. Ohio State always gets up for big games and I know this game will be no different. The Badgers have been a solid squad but they always lose 1 or 2 games that make you scratch your head. I already know Camp Randall is gonna be bumpin’. Is this the year Wisconsin pulls the trigger and becomes a legit contender? I think OSU wins this matchup.
4)   Illinois vs. Northwestern (November 20th) This game is being played inside Wrigley Field, enough said…
5)   Ohio State at Iowa (November 20th) Again, this matchup could have conference written all over it. Stanzi was hurt after the Northwestern game last year (great game) and didn’t dress for this game. Backup James Vandenberg stepped up and rallied back from 14 points in the 4th to take this to OT. The Hawkeyes ended up losing by three but this time, at home, I think U of I pulls out the victory. 

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