Week 2 Notes

Christmas came early this past weekend with so many BIG games being played. I pretty much posted up in bed most of the day and watched the action unfold on TV. The only bummer about the day was that all of the good games were on at the same time. My thumb definitely got a workout pressing the PREV button on my remote control back and forth between the games.  

I was very disappointed with the performances from the ACC’s top dogs: Georgia Tech and VT. Georgia Tech lost a close one against Kansas on the road, which in my opinion shouldn’t have even been a contest in the first place. No doubt it was a great win for Coach Turner Gill, who came under some fire last week for his Jayhawks’ disappointing 6-3 loss to North Dakota State. Georgia Tech is a team that should threaten for the ACC crown this season. It’s not a pretty reflection of the conference when one of the better teams in the ACC loses to a lower-tier team from the Big 12. The same can be said of Virginia Tech this past weekend too. Granted, they did have a short week to prepare but how are you going to lose James Madison, at home?! 

Florida State suffered a tough beating but I didn’t expect the Seminoles to just march into Norman and steal a victory. Oklahoma has won 32 straight games at home, which is an NCAA Record. That’s very impressive!
It’s going to be a long season up in Minnesota. I was never high on the Golden Gophers this season to begin with, but after barely getting a win against Middle Tennessee last weekend and then losing to South Dakota yesterday, I’m starting to think Minnesota might not even win another game this season…OUCH.
I was hoping Miami vs. Ohio State would be the best game of the day.  The Canes were playing well in the first quarter but then things quickly got out of hand as Jacory Harris threw pick after pick after pick after pick to the Buckeye defense. Harris’ fourth interception is what really put the nail in coffin for the Canes though. Miami was threatening inside the redzone when defensive lineman Cameron Heyward picked his pass and returned it back 80 yards to Miami’s 15-yard line. Two plays later, Pryor waltzes 13 yards for the TD which made the score 32-17. This game started with a lot of hype but ended in a letdown.

The Michigan vs. Notre Dame matchup was the best game of the day, in my opinion. Denard Robison has played like a man amongst boys in his first two starts for the Wolverines.  The guy is exciting to watch and he’s putting Michigan on his back. What impressed me the most about this game was that Michigan’s O-line gave Robinson all the time he needed to make plays. The guy accounted for 502 yards of total offense for Michigan! His stat line after the first two weeks reads something like this: 403 yards passing, 2 TDs, 455 yards rushing with 3 TDs. Notre Dame was in this game the entire time though; even despite Dayne Crist being sidelined for most of the action. The Irish ended up having the last possession of the game with about 25 seconds left. They were driving down in Michigan territory and it appeared as if Crist might pull off the come-from-behind victory. However his pass to the back of the endzone ended up sailing too deep, sealing the win for Michigan. This is Coach Kelly’s first loss in over a year. 


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