2-0 doesn’t mean a thing…

With the big Michigan vs. Notre Dame game only a few days away I just want to remind people that a 2-0 start is important but it doesn’t necessarily equal a winner at the end of the season. Rich Rodriguez appears to have won the Michigan fans over, for right now. His boys played well, dominating UCONN in all facets of the game. I’ve even come across a twitter account hyping Denard Robinson for the Heisman Trophy, already! Arguably he had one of the best single performances of the weekend but Michigan fans, isn’t it a little premature? 

Notre Dame is pumped; they finally got their guy. Kelly’s Irish looked good at moments against Purdue. Notre Dame held the lead over the Boilermakers for much of the game. The playmakers on offense performed really well. I can’t really even front on these guys, this time. I think Kelly is a perfect fit for ND.

All I say though is have some patience, because how you start is not as important as how you finish. People were high on Michigan early on last season as Big Blue strung together a 4-2 record through the first six games. How’d they finish off? 1-5 and they blew a golden opportunity to go to a bowl game.  Michigan hasn’t been to a bowl in the past two seasons. Before that mark they’d been to 33 straight. Last season, Notre Dame came into the Michigan game ranked 18th thinking maybe 2009 could be their year. The offense was loaded with playmakers and the defense was deep enough. They too went 4-2 through the first six but ended up dropping the last four games and Weiss ended up getting the boot. I think it’s great that these teams have its fans “believing” again but just wait until after the halfway point in the season to make an assessment. 

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