5 Games I’m REALLY Looking Forward to in the: ACC

1) Virginia Tech vs. Boise State (September 6th) For the past few season Boise State has looked like a serious BCS Bowl Bid Contender. The Broncos return 18 starters and should be poised to make another undefeated run this year. They never get enough respect, but if they beat Virginia Tech it’ll be the talk of the entire season. My Pick: Boise State over VT

2)   Miami at Ohio State (September 11th) Ever since OSU beat Miami with that questionable call back in ’02 I’ve been waiting for a rematch. This game is a HUGE momentum builder for whoever wins but I believe a win is more important for the ‘Canes, who are still in search of their SWAGGER again. This game will be fun. I pick Miami in a close one.

3)   Florida State at Oklahoma (September 11th) This game is on my schedule because 2010 is when the “rebirth” of FSU happens. It’ll be a treat to watch these two high-powered offenses go back and forth, however I just don’t think FSU will have enough in the tank to pull off the upset. Oklahoma over Florida State.

4)   NC State vs. Florida State (October 28th) NC State and Florida State always play each other tight. I still haven’t come off my high from when the Wolfpack spanked the #2 Seminoles back in 1998. Boy, the Cherry’s sure were eating GOOD that week! My heart and my head clash on this one: FSU downs NC State.

5)   Clemson at Boston College (October 30th) Lately, these two teams have dominated the Atlantic and this year is probably going to be no different. BC returns a pretty deep roster and Clemson should still be dangerous. The loss of Spiller might actually create more opportunities for the offense instead of defenses targeting your whole team, in CJ Spiller. However even with that said, I think BC wins this game at home. 

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