Podcasts to help get you thru COVID-19

While sports may have come to a screeching halt during this pandemic, including spring college football, that doesn’t mean you can’t seek entertainment in other areas, such as in podcasts. All of my audio content can be found on my page, including the two previous seasons of The Cherry Pickin Podcast.

You can also find my COVID-19 related content on this page. I will continue to update this page with my new content as its being released. Thank you for listening, and please stay safe!


CherryPickin: No Big Ten or Pac 12 Football in 2020

I share my immediate thoughts and reaction to the news that the Big Ten and Pac 12 football conferences will be postponing action in the fall.

CherryPickin 2020: Pac 12 Players Opting Out

On this episode I discuss the news regarding a group of Pac 12 football players deciding to potentially opt-out of the upcoming fall college football season. I also discuss the SEC’s plans to move to a conference-only format for its games this season.

CherryPickin 2020: Decision Time Part 2

The ACC recently met to discuss its plan for fall football, which also includes Notre Dame. You can hear those details and my thoughts on everything, on this podcast.

CherryPickin 2020: Decision Time

With the scheduled start of college football a little over a month away, what will each conference’s game plan look like? I break down the proposed plans and also present 2 options for ensuring the college football season kicks off on time this fall. My friend Casey Cane also stops by.

CherryPickin 2020: Conference Only Schedules (released on 7/10/20):

On this episode I share my thoughts on the Big Ten adopting a conference-only football schedule for the upcoming 2020 season. I also share my thoughts on the MLB and NBA resuming action.

CherryPickin: 100 (released 6/23/20):

The CherryPickin Podcast has made it to its 100th episode! On today’s episode I share my thoughts on why College Football shouldn’t come back this Fall. I also share my thoughts on the controversy surrounding the OK State and Iowa football programs.

CherryPickin 2020: Say Their Names (released 6/4/20):

On this episode, I discuss the George Floyd murder and also share my thoughts on the current protests. I share my thoughts on being a black man in America. I also explain why I don’t need Sports to come back right away.

CherryPickin 2020: The Last Dance (Part 9 & 10) Review (released 5/23/20): 

Andre and his friend Casey Cane share their thoughts on Episodes 9 & 10 of The Last Dance documentary.

CherryPickin 2020: The Last Dance (Part 5) Review (released 5/5/20):

On this episode, I share my thoughts on Episode 5 of The Last Dance documentary. I also explain why I’m not in a rush to have sports come back right away. Zola’s 2nd birthday was on May 4th and we had a fun weekend celebrating. May the 4th Be with You.

CherryPickin 2020: The Last Dance (Part 2 & 3) Review (released 4/28/20): 

On this episode I break down Parts 3 & 4 of The Last Dance. I share my thoughts about Dennis Rodman and we even get Casey Cane to share his memories about growing up with the 90s Bulls. I also talk about this year’s virtual NFL Draft.

CherryPickin 2020: The Last Dance (Part 1 & 2) Review (released 4/21/20):

On this episode, I share my thoughts about the first two episodes of The Last Dance. I also applaud SDCC for deciding to cancel its annual summer convention, which is the first time in 50 years that there’s no San Diego Comic Con. I also talk about why I’m not mad about the new mandatory mask wearing mandate!

CherryPickin 2020: Localized College Football (released 4/15/20): 

What if college football teams only played the other teams within its same state during this pandemic? It’s rumored that MLB is considering localizing competition based upon teams’ spring training sites, so could this also be applied to college football? I explore this topic and so much more!

CherryPickin 2020: Just Zoom To It  (released 4/6/20):

On this episode, I talk about Dabo Swinney’s new mantra to live by (T.I.G.E.R.S) and why the comments bothered me. We also talk about the new recommendation from health officials about wearing masks outdoors. I want to know which shows I should be watching while stuck indoors. I also share my thoughts on a brand new game show idea that I think could be a big hit during this pandemic!

CherryPickin 2020: April Fools’ Day  (released 4/1/20): 

On this April Fools’ Day edition of The CherryPickin’ Podcast, Andre shares a memory of a “prank” he pulled on 4/1. Andre also asks the question, “Which TV Show reality would you want to inherit for your own life right now?”

CherryPickin 2020: Adjusting to the new reality  (released 3/27/20): 

Andre shares his thoughts and feelings about adjusting to this new reality amid the coronavirus pandemic.  He also ponders life without sports and college football in 2020.

CherryPickin 2020: I Got Tested for COVID-19  (released 3/21/20):

Andre got tested for the COVID-19. Listen to his personal experience with testing here. Also, Andre provides  the top 14 college games from the 2019 season that you can re-watch to help get you through a quarantine for 14 days.

CherryPickin 2020 (Coronavirus): What’s the NCAA’s plan?  (released 3/16/20):

What is the NCAA’s plan to reinstate winter/spring student-athletes’ eligibility after the Coronavirus spread ends?
And what will the impact to Fall sports, such as college football, look like as well?

Andre explores this topic as well as other COVID19 related thoughts on this episode.

CherryPickin: Coronavirus 2020, A State of Emergency  (released 3/11/20):

Casey Cane joins Andre in the CherryPickin studios where the duo talks about a variety of topics including the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on lives across the globe, including in the world of sports.


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