The Scariest College Sports Mascots

If you attend any college sporting event these days, you’re bound to run into a team mascot. Often times these playful characters are friendly, playful, and highly entertaining. Mascots are fun for fans young and old, however there are some mascots who look downright frightening. I’m going to give you my run down of the scariest college sports mascots.

No. 6: The Providence Friar–Providence College

This friar is downright frightening due to the fact that he cannot close his mouth. His large eyes and gaping mouth give the impression that he’s either hungry or in perpetual agony.

No. 5: Saluki–Southern Illinois University

Maybe it’s just me, but the SIU saluki kind of resembles Vigo from Ghostbusters II. The saluki’s long dirty hair, wide snout, and jarring teeth make the mascot look somewhat menacing.

No. 4: Mr. Wuf–North Carolina State University

Mr. Wuf’s large puffed out chest and clenched fists are quite intimidating. I would hate to step into the boxing ring against this wolf, that is if wolves could box.
No. 3: Super Frog–Texas Christian University

One look at Super Frog and you’re bound to get goose bumps. Unlike the other mascots mentioned on this list, Super Frog looks friendly and inviting. However his large cartoonish looking eyes and blocky build are absolutely terrifying.
No. 2: Pistol Pete–Oklahoma State University

Pistol Pete looks like a man who’s just returned home from a long journey. His face is lined with wrinkles, his eyes are tired, and he probably hasn’t shaved in about a week. The mascot gives off the vibe that he isn’t afraid to kill.
No. 1: Purdue Pete–Purdue University

Purdue Pete reminds me of Frankenstein. I think his large head and dull look on his face are the reasons why he’s so scary looking.

Do you agree with my list? Who do you think the scariest mascot is? Voice your opinion below!


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