Sleepers in 2011 (Big Twelve)

The Baylor Bears make my watch list because despite capping off 2010 with a Bowl trip there’s still some doubt whether or not this team can be consistent in the future.  I mean, let’s just be for real here, before last season the Bears hadn’t gone bowling since Snoop Doggy Dogg’s hit single, “Gin and Juice” was tearing up the charts…

 However, Baylor has recently benefited from landing some top recruits, which is also becoming a bit of a trend amongst college football programs everywhere. More and more it seems as if players are shying away from going to those prestigious powerhouse schools and taking their talents elsewhere not only in hopes of earlier playing time, but also for creating their own lasting legacy in the sense that they had a hand in building a winning tradition. QB Robert Griffin really sparked this same movement off at Baylor.  The reason why Griffin is such a recruiting draw is because he raises his teammates’ level of play. He possesses a similar trait to that of Vince Young when he was at Texas, the mentality of “We can’t lose.”  
In 2009 the Bears went 2-7 after Griffin was sidelined by injury but last season with him in the huddle Baylor went bowling.  A lot of people feel as if Texas will make a dramatic turnaround this season but I think it could take at least a couple seasons before we see the Longhorns dominating the Big 12 again. With that being said, Baylor needs to jump on the opportunity now while Texas is down.  I like their chances of beating Texas at home this season. I also feel as if this team is talented enough to just sweep through its former Big 12 North opponents. But if Baylor can just steal a win from A&M or Tech, then the school should be in line to reach its first 8-win season since 1991. 


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