USC loses it’s 2004 National Title

Earlier today, the BCS officially stripped USC of its 2004 National Title. I find decisions such as this one to be laughable. I understand the politics behind the act of stripping a title away but what exactly does it accomplish? In my mind, USC still won the 2004 National Championship over the Oklahoma Sooners. And when I say won, I mean straight up embarrassed OU in a 55-19 beating. QB Matt Leinart went H.A.M. throwing for 5 touchdowns, 3 of which went to WR Steve Smith. I can even recall the moment when Ashlee Simpson was booed by 70,000 fans for a sub-par halftime show performance…

You just simply can’t erase details like that that from my memory. The same goes for when Reggie Bush decided to return his Heisman. Even if he were receiving improper benefits, nothing can take away the fact that he was a superstar down in SoCal. I mean does anybody else remember that game back in 2004 against Fresno State where Mr. Bush amassed for 513 total yards? Remember when he was running down the sideline and juked that Fresno State defender out of his shoelaces? I do. His moves looked like something out of a videogame…

Now I’m not saying that improprieties such as the ones USC & Reggie Bush committed are acceptable, quite frankly it IS wrong. But to go back and “take away” what’s already written in history, years after the fact, doesn’t really do anything. I think all it does is bring more attention to the fact that USC won the championship in 2004. Before this news broke I wonder how many people could have quickly recalled the 2004 winner? I bet not many… I think the BCS could have penalized USC by making the school return all the money it earned for winning the 2004 Orange Bowl. Maybe all that revenue could be donated to a charity or something? What do you think the appropriate punishment should be? Or do you already think the NCAA made the right call by vacating the 14 wins Bush was ineligible for? Do you think the BCS made the right call in stripping the 2004 BSC title away from USC? 

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