My 2010 Season in Review: SEC West

The College Football Season might be over and done with, but I had a few notes regarding how these teams preformed in 2010. I hope you enjoy the reading material!

Coming into this season, Ryan Mallett was one of the more talented and consistent quarterbacks in the country. It was with him under center that I thought Arkansas had a legitimate chance of running the SEC. However, the Razorbacks lived and died with him this season as evident in the devastating 4-point loss to Alabama where Mallett gave up 3 INTS. In the Auburn loss, Mallett ended up leaving the game in the first half after suffering a concussion. Though, the Razorbacks kept pace with the eventual National Champions up until the fourth quarter. And I’m not one to say, “What if,” but I wonder how the game would have ended up if Arkansas’ best player had remained in the game? Even in their bowl game against OSU, Mallett gave up the game-sealing INT to the Buckeyes. It just seemed like for all the great things Mallett could do, his rare mistakes would end up costing his team some victories.

Unlike a lot of other analysts, I didn’t think Alabama would go an entire season undefeated and repeat as National Champions. That feat is simply too tough to do, especially in the SEC. Their 3 losses weren’t blowouts but the thing that didn’t help Alabama coming down the stretch was that their last 6 SEC opponents had a BYE prior to playing them. The former National Champions certainly didn’t get any love on that one…

The Tigers were able to block out all of the distractions off the field to deliver a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP on the field. And even though Cam Newton’s name was cleared in any wrongdoing his father might have done, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this. Cam might have been smart to ditch school early and enter into the NFL.

LSU exceeded my expectations this season. Les Miles has earned his name as the Mad Hatter. Remember that fake field goal attempt in the Florida game when LSU holder Derek Helton threw a no-look pitch over his head to placekicker Josh Jasper? The ball bounced perfectly off the grass for Jasper to retrieve and scurry for the first down. The play kept the drive alive and allowed the Tigers to score a few downs later for the win.  A few weeks later in the Alabama game, Miles decided to go for it on fourth-and-1 with a reverse play which ended up netting 23-yards. The Tigers eventually scored during that drive and sealed up the victory for LSU. Les Miles is full of surprises and fortunately for the Tiger faithful he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Mississippi’s season was a wrap after its very first game against Jacksonville State. I thought the Red Rebels would make the postseason but how does losing to a D-1AA squad help you, mentally? I would imagine it being hard for you to believe in yourself, your team, and what’s being preached to you. The Rebels ended up only winning four games this season, which is sad considering this squad only lost four games from a year before.

Mississippi State 
Coach Mullen had much better success in his second year at Mississippi State. His Bulldogs strung together a 9-4 record and went bowling for the first time since 2007. It’ll be interesting to see how Mullen does next season, during his third year at the helm. 


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