My 2010 Season in Review: Big 12 South

The College Football Season might be over and done with, but I had a few notes regarding how these teams preformed in 2010. I hope you enjoy the reading material! 

Here was a team that I thought could run the tables and go undefeated this season. However, I started having doubts after witnessing the Sooners’ weak 31-24 season opening victory against Utah State.  Needless to say, there were only a few games where Oklahoma dominated its opponents. Despite the less than convincing approach the Sooners still wound up winning the Big 12 and beat an inferior Big East team in the Fiesta Bowl. The victory against UCONN snapped Coach Stoops’ 5-game BCS losing streak. With the players coming back to Norman next season, I believe 2011 could be a much more successful year for Bob Stoops and his Sooners.

Texas A&M
Despite having a losing record in 2009 I thought the amount of depth the Aggies returned this season would pay huge dividends for Texas A&M this season, and I was right. The Aggies beat both Big 12 North and South champions, Nebraska and Oklahoma this season but their two conference losses to Missouri and Oklahoma State kept the Aggies out of the Big 12 title game.  Next season Texas A&M should be one of the more experienced squads in the conference so the Aggies might get their chance to play for the championship.

 Coming off of a 13-win season and finishing runner-up in the BCS National Championship Game from a season ago, to a 5-7 record and finishing dead last in the Big 12 South this season. Earlier this preseason I predicted Texas to take a slight dip suffering three losses (and even then, people thought I was out of my mind). But did anyone see the Longhorns losing 7 games this season?

Texas Tech
I thought Texas Tech would win 8 games this season and they ended up proving me correct. Tommy Tuberville isn’t as crazy insane in the head as Mike Leach is but he is a very solid coach in his own right. The one questionable loss from this season though, was against Iowa State. Statistically, Texas Tech dominated the Cyclones offensively however the 3 turnovers TT gave up proved to be the difference maker.

I couldn’t have been more correct when I picked Baylor to go 7-5, 4-4 earlier in the preseason. Though what this record doesn’t reveal is how Baylor got to that 7-5 record. In the beginning of the season the Bears went 4-2 it looked as if they would exceed my expectations. However this team would end up losing the last four games of the season, which tells me Baylor isn’t quite there yet. Head Coach Art Briles has done some great things to turn the program in the right direction but it will take more work to transform the Bears into a legitimate Big 12 contender.

Oklahoma State
For a squad that only returned 8 total starters this season I didn’t think Oklahoma State would be successful in the Big 12.  I couldn’t have been more wrong with that prediction. The Cowboys were 2nd in the NCAA in total passing and 3rd in points. Oklahoma State ended up finishing second in the South behind the Sooners this season. Oklahoma State will be one of the more veteran squads in the Big 12 in 2011, so I expect them to be a serious contender again next season.


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